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New case study: Top Hedge Fund Leverages Amberdata to Support Digital Asset Trading Strategies

A top hedge fund was looking to expand their trading strategies to include digital assets. They were seeking comprehensive real-time and historical market and on-chain data to drive their digital asset trading. Their real-time, high frequency, high volume trading required a large amount of data to
support the development and backtesting of their digital asset algorithmic/programmatic trading strategies. There was also a need for specific on-chain data points.


Key Challenges

Entering the digital asset class meant building and maintaining a massive data infrastructure, as well as gaining the expertise to transform the raw data into actionable information. Leadership determined that the infrastructure project would be too costly and too time-consuming.

While they understood that any digital asset data provider would need to connect to multiple exchanges and blockchains with constantly changing APIs, they also knew that the large volume of
data they required would need to come into their trade desk via FIX (Financial Information eXchange) protocol. FIX has become the de-facto messaging standard for pre-trade, trade, and post trade communication, as well as for U.S. regulatory reporting. Unfortunately, they were not confident that they could find a partner who supported FIX.

In addition to the expected order book and pricing data, they required real-time and historical mempool and wallet-level data. Mempool data was important as they were looking to minimize transaction time and gas fees and as they monitored for signs of large trades in process. Wallet
holder data was also critical as they watched key whales (large holders) to better understand their holdings, trading history and real-time trading signals. They knew this level of data was not going to
be easy to find.


Results with Amberdata

Don't miss this case study - learn how Amberdata solved for a top Hedge Fund's need for a digital asset data infrastructure. In addition, Amberdata’s FIX API easily integrated into their existing operations, allowing for real-time streaming of pricing data. Amberdata also provided complete transparency into the required blockchain data - a level of comprehensive, granular and unopinionated data that sets Amberdata apart from the competition.

Top Hedge Fund leverages Amberdata to support digital asset trading strategies

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