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Curve provides a unique, efficient AMM and lending protocol on Ethereum as well as other layer 2 chains. It differentiates its liquidity pools by setting up multi-token support, including backing tokens with underlying ERC20 collateral.

From the Curve docs, a quick snapshot:

Curve achieves extremely efficient stablecoin trades by implementing the StableSwap invariant, which has significantly lower slippage for stablecoin trades than many other prominent invariants (e.g., constant-product)

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The Curve pools provide a couple ways that trade can occur with higher capital efficiency.

First: Pools can contain multiple tokens, which allow for less “hops” between traded liquidity.

Second: The “Stable Swap” price formula uses a constant-product function that keeps slippage lower than other AMM protocols. Read more here → Supported Features

Here’s the line-up of great data sets supported on

  1. Total Value Locked: Digital Asset & USD Amounts
  2. Reference Price
  3. OHLCV
  4. Liquidity
  5. Trades

How do I start using it today?

Quick and easy sign up process, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up on
  2. Create a Free API Key
  3. Start using the APIs, with comprehensive documentation
  4. Send us feedback, we’d love to help you be successful!

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