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We've just released a new primer on banking use cases for crypto data. This primer includes use cases related to reference rates, custody, fund administration, risk/compliance and proprietary trading. 

Banking has become increasingly data-driven. Banks and financial institutions leverage vast amounts of data to identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and optimize various aspects of their operations. For banks building and operating digital assets businesses, data and insights are as critical to their success as they are in traditional financial markets. Amberdata is the leading provider of digital asset data infrastructure and market intelligence to financial institutions.

Front office, mid-office, back office, tax, compliance, accounting, treasury, risk management, portfolio management, trading, research

The front office uses Amberdata for research, backtesting of trading strategies, and portfolio management, leveraging both real-time and historical data to inform their decisions. The middle office utilizes this data for risk management and treasury operations, ensuring the bank's assets remain compliant and operate within acceptable risk boundaries. Meanwhile, the back office focuses on accounting, NAV calculations, and regulatory compliance, employing Amberdata's comprehensive data suite.

With their range of financial products, banks especially value Amberdata's data and insights. Whether providing custody for customer assets, structuring products, devising trading strategies or managing risk, the importance of accurate digital asset data is evident. For banks holding stablecoins, Amberdata is essential for monitoring asset price volatility, depegging events, and ensuring sound operational risk management.

From a risk perspective, Amberdata enables banks to gain a comprehensive understanding of their counterparties' on-chain activities. For example, when lending USDC, banks use Amberdata to track how the loan is utilized, adjusting the risk profile as necessary.

Amberdata supports banks with digital asset businesses by offering real-time data and historical analytics. Our blockchain data is delivered via APIs to ensure seamless integration with existing systems or right into the analytics platform of your choice. As a comprehensive solution provider, Amberdata is a prime partner for banks navigating the digital asset arena.

Click here to download the full bank use case primer.

New primer: Crypto data use cases for banks

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