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Welcome to Amberdata's Podcast series featuring leaders in the Crypto space where we go in-depth and dive into various topics.

In this episode, Chris Martin, Amberdata's Principal Analytics Engineer, interviews Peter Wang, CEO & Founder of 57Blocks.



Disclaimer: This podcast is for educational purposes only. Nothing here is trading advice or solicitation.

Amberdata's Analytics Engineer Christopher Martin is joined by Peter Wang, CEO and Founder of 57blocks. This episode follows the development side of crypto and explores the engineering aspects of building new projects in Web3.

57blocks is a Venture Studio investing and supporting engineering teams around the world, providing R&D services and accelerating product launches. Peter has supported the development of products for over 100 startup companies, enabling them to raise a combined total of $280+ mil in venture funding. He has previously lived in Beijing, managing a team of 600 engineers across 7 locations.

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