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Welcome to Amberdata's Podcast series featuring leaders in the Crypto space where we go in-depth and dive into various topics.

In this episode, Chris Martin, Amberdata's Principal Analytics Engineer, interviews Jamie Holmes, Content Specialist of Perpetual Protocol.



Chris Martin, Amberdata's Principal Analytics Engineer, speaks with Jamie Holmes about Perpetual Protocol and current trends across decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Jamie's extensive experience in the crypto industry as a researcher and content strategist began as a reporter and Editor in Chief for BTC Manager. Jamie also previously wrote for Bitcoin Magazine with a deep background as a statistician and forex trader.

Jamie's most popular posts include: "Bitcoin Fundamentals Suggest it’s Bear Hunting Season" and "Seasonality in Bitcoin: Examining Almost A Decade of Price Data"

Perpetual Protocol is a decentralized perpetual futures contracts exchange on the cutting edge of finance and technology. Traders use it to permissionless trade the most popular product in crypto. Builders create new protocols and projects on top of it. Liquidity providers utilize it to earn a yield on their capital.

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