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Market leading digital asset data and analytics firm offers CME Group data via AWS S3, WebSocket, and REST

Miami, FL - August 2, 2023

Amberdata, the leader in digital asset data and analytics for institutional customers, announces the authorized redistribution of CME Group cryptocurrency futures and options market data.

Amberdata offers CME Group data via AWS S3 download, and WebSocket and REST APIs. By offering a range of data delivery options, Amberdata empowers users to select the method that best aligns with their specific needs, ensuring efficient data delivery and effective decision-making, analysis, and application development. React to market changes quickly with real-time WebSocket data streaming, query historical data sets, and perform analysis with REST, or connect to highly scalable AWS S3 delivery for bulk data downloads.

As an authorized redistributor, Amberdata connects to CME Group directly, providing CME Group tick-level open interest, trades, and tickers across futures and options BTC and ETH instruments.
"Amberdata is excited to be an authorized redistribution partner for CME Group crypto market data," said Shawn Douglass, CEO of Amberdata. "As the leading derivatives marketplace, CME Group is an important part of our comprehensive crypto market data offering, which includes data from over one hundred centralized and decentralized exchanges. Amberdata is a trusted data provider to some of the world’s largest financial institutions, and they expect crypto options and futures data from CME Group. We satisfy that need and earn their trust as an authorized redistributor for CME Group market data."

"CME Group is happy to welcome Amberdata as an authorized redistributor for our cryptocurrency derivatives data," said Giovanni Vicioso, CME Group Global Head of Cryptocurrency Products. “Our deeply liquid Bitcoin and Ether futures are one of the leading sources of price discovery, helping institutions and sophisticated active traders manage crypto price risk with more choice, precision, and accuracy. We look forward to working with Amberdata as demand for comprehensive crypto economic data continues to grow.”

Amberdata's cryptocurrency market data provides access to a range of critical information such as order books, VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price), TWAP (Time Weighted Average Price), OHLCV, and Best Bid and Best Offer data (BBO). With Amberdata, institutional customers get access to real-time and historical market microstructure data with multiple data delivery options. Amberdata adds value by enhancing visibility across the crypto markets, enhancing trading strategies, and mitigating risks.

About Amberdata

Amberdata is the leading provider of digital asset data. We deliver comprehensive data and insights into blockchain networks, crypto markets, and decentralized finance, empowering financial institutions with data for research, trading, risk, analytics, reporting, and compliance.  Amberdata serves as a critical piece of infrastructure for financial institutions entering the asset class and participating in digital asset markets.

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