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In a year marked by industry recognition and global expansion, Amberdata has not only solidified its position as a leader in cryptocurrency data but also set new standards of innovation. As we reflect on our achievements in 2023, each milestone becomes a stepping stone toward a future where digital asset insights redefine financial landscapes. Looking ahead to 2024, Amberdata is poised to continue pushing boundaries, delivering unparalleled data solutions, and contributing to the evolving narrative of the digital asset ecosystem.


As we reflect on the accomplishments of 2023, Amberdata proudly stands at the forefront of the cryptocurrency data product industry. Our commitment to preserving historical order book data and providing detailed, real-time information has solidified our position as the go-to solution for financial institutions seeking in-depth and granular insights into digital assets.

Recognition and Research's research, led by Founder Joel John and Saurabh Deshpande, positioned Amberdata as the top choice for financial institutions seeking the deepest and most granular digital asset data. This recognition emphasizes the unique context provided by Amberdata, setting us apart in a competitive landscape. 

Global Expansion

Amberdata expanded its global footprint by establishing offices in key financial hubs, including Hong Kong in the Asia-Pacific region and London in Europe. These strategic moves ensure local sales and support for Amberdata's suite of products, catering to the specific needs of institutional customers in these regions including on-chain, DeFi, spot, and derivatives market data.

Simplifying the Cryptoeconomy

Amberdata introduced lending and borrowing summary metrics, offering detailed insights into popular lending protocols. Additionally, the expanded coverage of DeFi Lenses and enhanced capabilities for DeFi data further solidifies our commitment to simplifying the cryptoeconomy.

Amberdata also launched CME options and futures data and analytics, effectively bridging traditional finance and the digital asset economy. 

Data Delivery

Amberdata took significant strides in data delivery methods by offering CME data via Websockets and REST API. Furthermore, our datasets are now available through Snowflake Marketplace and Google Cloud’s Analytics Hub, ensuring efficient data delivery and empowering our customers with flexible options.

Security and Compliance Achievements

Amberdata achieved SOC 2 Type 1 compliance with a clean attestation report, reinforcing our dedication to the highest standards for security, availability, and processing integrity. This milestone is a testament to our ongoing commitment to maintaining the trust of our customers.

Best-in-Class Digital Asset Reference Rates

The launch of institutional-grade Digital Asset Reference Rates marked a significant milestone for Amberdata. Our robust methodology considers trading volume and price dispersion across principal markets, providing customers with confidence in valuing assets, settling contracts, and making informed trading decisions.

Powering Digital Asset Token Projects

Amberdata played a pivotal role in Moody's Investors Service's interactive data story on stablecoins, showcasing the impact of depeg events on stablecoin adoption. Additionally, our involvement in projects with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, namely Project Guardian and Project Orchid, demonstrates our commitment to advancing DLT-based financial market infrastructure.

Comprehensive Research and Analytics

Throughout 2023, Amberdata produced a diverse array of research reports, including topics on such as the Blockwork's Digital Asset Data and Infrastructure, BTC Options: Dissecting Volatility Trends report, and DECODING OPTION FLOWS: Q2 2023 Key Insights + Analysis into Crypto Volatility. Our Digital Assets partnership report with Coalition Greenwich highlighted the growing interest in digital assets despite regulatory scrutiny and market uncertainty. Amberdata also releases Digital Asset Snapshots bi-weekly, covering notable events and analytics in the digital asset space.

Awards and Media Recognition

Amberdata received numerous awards, including Best Technology at Hedgeweek, Analytics Innovation at Fintech Breakthrough, Gold Stevie Award at the American Business Awards, Excellence in Decentralized Finance at FinovateAwards, and the Digital Assets Award for Innovation. Our presence in top media outlets such as CNBC, Coindesk, Forbes, 60 Minutes, and Bloomberg further solidified our standing.

Global Presence at Events

Amberdata actively participated in various industry events, including Hedgeweek’s Hedge Fund Digital Assets Summit 2023, AIM Summit London/Dubai, Coindesk Consensus, DigiAssets by TradeTech, Paris Blockchain Week, Blockwork’s Permissionless, FISD Hong Kong, HKIB Conference, Benzinga's Future of Digital Assets Conference, Tabb Forum’s Women in Digital Assets Conference, Token 2049, HK FinTech Week, and many more! Our engagement in these events allowed us to connect with thought leaders, share insights, and contribute to the global conversation on digital assets.

Looking Forward to 2024

As we enter 2024, Amberdata is poised for continued growth and innovation. We are excited about the possibilities that the new year holds, anticipating further advancements in our high-quality data offerings, expanding our global footprint, and maintaining our commitment to excellence for continued success in the coming year. We look forward to facing new challenges and continuing to be at the forefront of the evolving digital asset landscape.

Join us on this journey as we shape the future of digital asset data and analytics.

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