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Spot, Orderbook Snapshots & Events, OHLCV — All real-time messages streaming through the Amberdata FIX API. Get connected within seconds, stream global exchange data in a simple integration.

FIX Protocol Market Data

This week, launched FIX support within the platform to support the growing client integration needs. FIX is the preferred protocol used by institutions, as it provides real-time streaming market data over a robust data transport protocol that plug into their existing data infrastructure.

To meet overwhelming institutional demand, Amberdata has partnered with some of the biggest FX desks to bring you institutional grade data delivered via FIX.

Get Access Today

Starting today, the following features are available in Amberdata FIX:

  • Cryptocurrency Spot Market Data
  • Cryptocurrency Orderbooks Snapshots & Events
  • Cryptocurrency OHLCV

Interested in an integration? Reach out to our support team:


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