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More than 80 DeFi Lending Protocols are now available, which enables full historical data and realtime metrics including all assets under each protocol.

Following our announcements about Decentralized Exchanges, we’re excited to be supporting DeFi Lending protocols within the Amberdata product line. We built with breadth in mind! Not only do we support popular platforms like AAVE, Curve, Compound, Maker, Badger, but we’ve made a simple unified interface for accessing all data. This allows you to focus on your use cases and forget about each protocols’ nuances. As with all of our products, this feature line up is in addition to our raw blockchain data, so you can get both the unified data sets in addition to the underlying smart contract raw data.

DeFi Lending Protocol Features

Here’s the line-up of great data sets:

  1. Total Value Locked: Digital Asset & USD Amounts
  2. Lending Rates: Digital Asset Borrow & Loan Rates
  3. Protocol Support: Detailed List of Assets & Features
  4. Events: REST & WS Access to DeFi Contract Events
  5. Token Transfers: Fully Cataloged DeFi Asset Transfers

How do I start using it today?

We will be releasing the full suite of DeFi products over the coming weeks, giving first access to both our Enterprise customers and Beta Testers. If you’d like to join our Beta Tester Program, please reach out to us at:

Stay tuned for the next post, a tutorial on how to analyze DeFi lending protocols using the new features!

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