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Amberdata is proud to announce it is the winner of three prestigious awards in Q3 2023. This recognition reinforces our commitment to excellence in the world of decentralized finance, data solutions, and digital asset innovation.

The Finovate Award 2023 - Excellence in Decentralized Finance

On September 12th, Amberdata's contributions to the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) were acknowledged with The Finovate Award for Excellence in Decentralized Finance. The Finovate Awards honor both established institutions and rising stars who have made significant strides in delivering cutting-edge products and services to the financial sector. This award celebrates Amberdata's dedication to supporting the growth of decentralized financial ecosystems with our comprehensive, multi-chain DeFi data. 

Finovate awards winner - Excellance in decentralized finance - amberdata

The Data Management and Insight Award 2023 - Best Data Solution for Digital Assets

On September 28th, Amberdata was recognized with The Data Management and Insight Award for Best Data Solution for Digital Assets. The A-Team’s series of awards recognize outstanding performance by the vendors of data and technology solutions to the financial industry, with a specific focus on Trading Technology, RegTech, Data Management and ESG suppliers.This prestigious award acknowledges Amberdata's exceptional data solutions - solutions that empower clients to make informed decisions in an ever-evolving digital asset market.

Data management insight awards USA 2023 - best data solution for digital assets - amberdata

The Digital Banker Digital Assets Award 2023 - Excellence in Digital Asset Innovation

On October 5th, Amberdata was honored with The Digital Banker Digital Assets Award for Excellence in Digital Asset Innovation. The Global Digital Assets Awards, organized by The Digital Banker, exist to honor and celebrate the world’s pre-eminent and groundbreaking digital asset participants and market infrastructure providers who are transforming the digital assets ecosystem. Digital asset innovation is an ongoing process for Amberdata as we continually seek ways to enhance our offerings, whether through the integration of new blockchain networks, the development of additional analytics tools, or the expansion of data coverage. We stay ahead of the curve by anticipating industry needs and providing solutions accordingly.

“Amberdata is quickly emerging as a leading digital asset data provider and

provides comprehensive insights and granular data on blockchain networks,

crypto markets, and decentralized finance.”  - The Digital Banker

Digital Assets Awards 2023 Excellance in digital asset innvovation - amberdata

At Amberdata, our mission is to define and lead the market for digital asset data - to provide our customers with a trusted lens into the entire crypto economy. We will continue to be a leading innovator, providing exceptional data solutions, and contributing to the growth and development of the broader financial ecosystem.

These awards are a testament to the dedication, hard work, and innovation of the entire Amberdata team. We want to express our sincere gratitude to our clients, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in this journey. Their trust and collaboration have played a pivotal role in Amberdata's success.

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