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Welcome to the AD Derivatives podcast led by Director of Derivatives; Greg Magadini.     Featuring: Arisa T. Co-Founder & CEO of CEGA and JP CIO of Tras Mobian


In this episode, moderator Greg Magadini speaks with Arisa T. the co-founder and CEO of Cega, and Jean-Pascal Bigot (JP) the CIO of Tras Mobian. Cega is building exotic options structured products for investors that generate superior yield and offer built-in protection against market downturns. Cega is developing new capabilities in tech, token contracts, and data modeling that will enable the next evolution of DeFi derivatives. Arisa discusses her previous roles as a derivatives trader at UBS and a product marketing manager at Google.

Jean-Pascal Bigot discusses his current role at Cega as a trader and is the CIO of Tras Mobian, a crypto derivatives market-making firm. JP goes his previous role as a derivatives trader at various large traditional financial institutions, specifically on Equity exotic derivatives and Commodity derivatives. He was also Head of Commodity Index Trading at Societe Generale.

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