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We’ve launched several new endpoints to enable global reference rates. It’s now possible with 2 simple ways:

1. By Asset Symbol

Example: Get the latest USD price for “BTC”.
This reference is calculated as a volume weighted moving average across exchanges and cross rate pairs (omg_usd, omg_btc, omg_eth,…)

Features available:

2. By Pair

Example: Get the latest price for “BTC_USD”.
This reference rate is calculated as a volume weighted moving average across exchanges for the specific pair.

Features available:

All new API endpoints support our rich set of filters & query parameters, including:

  • CSV or JSON response
  • Specific fields returned for CSV
  • Full historical time frames

*Note on historical endpoints: Results are based on exchanged values, if there are infrequently traded assets then the response will be “sparse”, only updating when trade has occurred.

Sunsetting Notice: Deadline 11/15/20

The newly launched global reference APIs give our customers the best API experience including better asset coverage, less latency and more features. We’re replacing the following endpoints:

If you are currently utilizing these endpoints, please replace them before November 15th, 2020. The API endpoints described above are the best option for most use cases, however if you need something more specifically we’re happy to connect with you!

Email support if you have questions about migration at:

Until the next update, stay safe & healthy.

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