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Cross River required digital asset data to support their product development process as well as their growing research practice. With strategic product launches ahead of them, there was an immediate need. As a key component of their product development process, models are created and rigorously tested - with crypto data required to power the models. Additionally, Cross River wanted to ensure the products’ price accuracy by leveraging their own pricing data as a checkpoint. On the research side, their team was scaling up their institutionally-focused offering and needed market data and on-chain data to provide unique insights as a value-add.

Key Challenges

Building the data infrastructure themselves was not aligned to their core business, and it was determined that they needed to partner with a trusted leader in the space in order to gather and manage data consistently and efficiently. 

Cross River was looking for a comprehensive data provider for primary data needs. They sought out one comprehensive data partner where they could access a single centralized API endpoint to provide all of their market and on-chain data.

The level of granular order book data they required was not easily available. While granularity was important - so was breadth. In addition to historical and real-time OHLCV data, there was a need for options data. As their product development strategy progressed, futures data would be required as well. They were looking for datasets that were indexed, searchable, and normalized to time series.

Their product development team was implementing very rigorously tested models when building products. This key differentiator could not be compromised with low-quality data.

Results with Amberdata
Amberdata eliminated the infrastructure setup and maintenance. Cross River’s quantitative strategy and research teams were able to quickly collaborate with their crypto team to bring new products and primary research to their institutional customers.

Download this case study to learn more about how Amberdata provided Cross River with the digital asset data it needed to support both its product development process and growing research practice.

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