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Sourcing reliable crypto reference quotes from a trusted vendor is crucial for the day-to-day operations of institutions involved in digital assets. These price quotes are a tool to gauge real-time and historical market price points for cryptocurrency instruments. Reference quotes offer actionable insights that help to manage risk, monitor volatility, and inform trading decisions.

Amberdata’s crypto reference quote prices are the average mid’s across exchanges for each trading pair. Our reference quotes are derived using pre-trade ticker data with the following calculation: Mid = (Ask + Bid) / 2). This calculation applies a maximum lookback of 1 minute; any exchange pair that isn’t updated within the last 60 seconds is dropped from the calculation of the current price quote.

How Reference Quotes Differ from Other Price Data

Reference quotes differ from other crypto trade data in that they are executable prices derived from pre-trade data calculated on BBO (Best Bid Offer). In contrast, crypto pricing data like VWAP and TWAP are post-trade and calculated on OHLCV.

Another difference lies in the insights derived from reference quotes. OHLCV and weighted price data give insight into the average price, liquidity, and volatility of an asset. On the other hand, crypto reference quotes represent the real-time market price of an asset and can be used to monitor liquidity, volatility, and slippage risk as trading activity unfolds. 

Ideally, real-time price data is used in conjunction with historical price data to inform trading decisions and market analysis. 

Utilizing Crypto Reference Quotes in Trading Decisions

The 24-7 trading environment of cryptocurrency requires a high level of data granularity for efficient market research, analysis, risk estimation, and exposure modeling. To succeed in this arena, institutions need real-time crypto market data. Crypto reference quotes data gives traders in-the-moment insights that can enhance their trading decisions and strategies.

Traders can leverage real-time cryptocurrency price quotes to track current price volatility, compare asset prices across exchanges, and identify arbitrage opportunities as they arise. Additionally, historical reference quote data can be utilized for backtesting trading strategies and conducting comprehensive retrospective market analyses.

Tools for Real-time Crypto Price Quotes

Amberdata is one of the only solutions that aggregate pre-trade data across all supported exchanges into reference quotes to give visibility into global mids. Within our reference quotes endpoint, queries can be filtered by sources so that only the exchanges relevant to your operations are included in the calculation. Our data refreshes every second to deliver real-time crypto price quotes that enable quick trading decisions in the fast-paced and ever-changing cryptoeconomy.

To learn more about obtaining crypto reference quotes or any of our other market datasets, book a demo today.

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