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Deribit proudly presents "Crypto Options Unplugged" with the brilliant minds Imran Lakha and David Brickell. Uncover deep insights, strategies, and the latest in crypto options. Don't miss this podcast episode featuring special guest Greg Magadini, Director of Derivatives at Amberdata, stay tuned for more!


Welcome to "Crypto Options Unplugged," the new podcast where crypto meets macro. Hosted by Imran Lakha from Options Insight and co-host Dave Brickell from FRNT Financial, the launch episode features special guest Greg Magadini, Director of Derivatives from Amberdata.

Macro Perspective: Transition to Rate Cuts

In the macro analysis, Dave discusses the ongoing transition from a vicious rate hike cycle to a cutting cycle. He emphasizes the significance of central banks, including the Federal Reserve, explicitly talking about rate cuts. Liquidity, a crucial factor, hit bottom in November 2022, playing a pivotal role in supporting risk assets and crypto, known for its liquidity dependence.

Liquidity Factors: China's Role and US Reverse Repo Facility

Dave dives into China's liquidity injection despite a slowing global economy and a housing market crisis. Highlighting the complexities of global liquidity dynamics, including the US reverse repo facility (RRP) and the potential impact of the Federal Reserve tapering quantitative tightening.

Bitcoin ETF: Imminent Approval and Short-Term Outlook

The discussion shifts to the eagerly awaited Bitcoin ETF approval. Greg shares insights on the short-term and medium-to-long-term reactions. While the ETF's approval is seen as constructive for the long-term trend, the short-term involves managing implied volatility and potential market reactions. The recent SEC Twitter account shenanigans add an interesting twist to the narrative. The discussion extends to Ethereum's role in the narrative, with a focus on its potential outperformance and the interplay between Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Bitcoin vs. Ethereum: Cross Rate Dynamics and Future Narratives

The conversation explores the dynamics between Bitcoin and Ethereum, considering their roles as risk assets. The focus is on the potential narrative shift with the approval of a spot Ethereum ETF. The cross rate between Bitcoin and Ethereum is examined, indicating potential inflection points and opportunities for relative value trades.

Regulatory Headwinds: Ethereum's Challenges and Technology Impact

Greg discusses the regulatory hurdles faced by Ethereum, particularly concerning its technology play. The impact of technology, including Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) 1559, and the challenges posed by its classification as securities are highlighted. The discussion extends to the geopolitical risk and flash crashes, emphasizing Ethereum's higher beta nature.

Inflation, Gold, and Bitcoin's Resilience

Dave and Greg address macro indicators suggesting a bottoming out of inflation. They explore the potential impact of geopolitical risks, oil prices, and China on inflation and how Bitcoin acts as a hedge in both inflationary and deflationary scenarios. The conversation touches upon gold's struggle and why Bitcoin is perceived as a superior hedge.

Strategic Hedging with Options: A Macro Investor's Approach

Imran provides insights into strategic hedging using options, emphasizing the importance of understanding how to be long crypto with protective hedges. He shares experiences in trading gold options and underlines the value of options in managing risk and maximizing returns in the crypto market.


In conclusion, "Crypto Options Unplugged" sets the stage for a year of explosive potential in the crypto space. The macro-environment, regulatory developments, and the interplay between Bitcoin and Ethereum create a dynamic landscape for investors. As the market anticipates the approval of the Bitcoin ETF, strategic use of options emerges as a key tool for navigating volatility and optimizing risk-return profiles in the crypto market.

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