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On Thursday, November 16th, Greg Magadini (Amberdata), David Brickell (FRNT), and Imran Lakha (Options Insight) joined CoinDesk moderator Andy Beahr to explore how large Debt-to-GDP ratios, Central Bank balance sheet expansions, and current geopolitical risks are driving investors out of fiat currencies and into BTC. The webinar covered current macroeconomics with crypto trading insights from seasoned traders with a macro mindset.


The discussion began by examining the Western world's current debt supercycle, then looked to Japan whose bubble occurred 16 years earlier. The team dove into the Japanese bond, real estate, and FX markets to show that Japan will likely be a first mover into BTC, as Japan is notably not expected to move to a "Gold Standard" like the BRICS countries. The team believes that Japan has a unique opportunity to be a first mover into digital hard assets like BTC.

This was truly an interesting session leveraging Greg’s extensive research into the Japanese economy combined with the entire team’s deep digital asset and trading backgrounds.

A recording of the full discussion is available here.

Stay tuned for more upcoming webinars!

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