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Amberdata’s institutional-grade platform will provide granular data on Avalanche, including key insights into DeFi

Amberdata, the leading provider of digital asset data and insights, will be adding the Avalanche network to its lineup of supported blockchains. The integration will bring granular, dynamic data on the Avalanche ecosystem to financial institutions that can leverage this data to power research, trading, analytics, and reporting.

In order to deliver data and insights on Avalanche, Amberdata has created a proprietary blockchain network data set built for a range of institutional use cases. This data set provides low-latency access to blockchain transactions, contracts, events, and logs for every digital asset, allowing institutions to analyze and understand the smart contract mechanisms that drive crypto economics.

Amberdata brings its unique approach to DeFi to Avalanche’s robust DeFi ecosystem, providing real-time and historical block-by-block events at the wallet, asset, and protocol level. This gives institutional investors direct access to the DeFi data needed to evaluate DeFi protocols, determine how assets and liquidity pools within the protocols are performing, and manage their own holdings.

“Avalanche has attracted a massive number of DeFi projects due to its performance, security, and low cost,” said Shawn Douglass, CEO of Amberdata. “Our integration with Avalanche will enable us to provide the most comprehensive, high-fidelity Avalanche network and DeFi data to our institutional customers to support their trading, research, risk management, compliance, and accounting functions.”

“Amberdata will shine a light on Avalanche and the vast world of Avalanche DeFi for institutions,” said Luigi D'Onorio DeMeo, Head of DeFi at Ava Labs. “As demand for digital assets and DeFi services continues to grow, Amberdata’s thoughtful approach will allow institutional investors to more easily understand and adopt Avalanche.”

Read the official press release HERE.

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