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Welcome to the AD Derivatives podcast led by Director of Derivatives; Greg Magadini.

Featuring: Evgeny Gaevoy, Co-Founder and CEO at Wintermute!


Wintermute is a leading proprietary trading crypto market maker. They provide liquidity solutions across the digital asset ecosystem. They create liquidity on the world's best crypto exchanges and trading platforms. They use algorithmic and high-frequency trading methods to create markets; centralized crypto exchanges, DeFi, spot, derivatives, and ETPs.

They offer some of the most competitive prices via OTC (automated RFQ and with direct trader support) to funds, institutional OTC desks, trading platforms, miners, and other institutions They support listings and ongoing liquidity for high-potential crypto projects.


Wintermute has positioned itself as a major player in the crypto market, engaging in diverse activities across CeFi, DeFi, and OTC trading. With a team of around 100 employees, Wintermute operates with a generalist approach, covering various directions in trading to differentiate itself from competitors.

In terms of trading strategies, Wintermute navigates the complexities of Delta one products, options, and various assets in both traditional finance and the crypto space. The team leverages its expertise to understand the nuances of different markets, including their unique risks and opportunities.

Wintermute Adapts

Wintermute's role extends beyond trading, as it also provides liquidity to new protocols and tokens in the DeFi space, filling a crucial need for projects looking to establish themselves in the market.

Wintermute continues to adapt and evolve, leveraging its experience and expertise to navigate the landscape of the crypto market. With a commitment to transparency and a focus on delivering value to clients and partners, Wintermute remains at the forefront of innovation in the trading industry.

Analyzing the SVB Situation

The SVB banking crisis was indeed fascinating to dissect. SVB had approximately 10% of the reserves, implying a potential recovery of around 80 cents on the dollar. However, the true value, considering the rest was safe, could be estimated at around 98 cents. The main concern revolved around the timing of the resolution, as it was widely anticipated that the Federal Reserve would intervene, but uncertainty lingered regarding the duration of potential fund lock-ups. This uncertainty affected the usability of USDC, particularly if funds remained inaccessible for an extended period, hindering redemption. Fortunately, Circle's transparency in addressing these concerns by elucidating their operational framework played a pivotal role in restoring confidence.

Impact on Crypto Derivative Markets

The SVB incident had notable repercussions on crypto derivative markets. Linear perpetual and Bit-based options, particularly those reliant on USDC, exhibited intriguing trading patterns. DeFi protocols faced challenges, especially those hardcoded to pegged values, which proved detrimental during volatile events like the SVB crisis and subsequent USDC instability.

Transition from Traditional to Crypto Markets

The transition from traditional to crypto markets stemmed from a desire for heightened excitement and opportunity. Traditional markets often lacked the frequent adrenaline rushes found in crypto, with significant events like Swiss rate decisions or geopolitical shifts occurring sporadically. Conversely, the crypto realm offered unparalleled volatility and the potential for rapid gains, which initially captivated interest.

Impact of Spot Bitcoin ETF

The introduction of a spot Bitcoin ETF was anticipated to reshape market dynamics, akin to gold markets. However, in the interim, it was expected to amplify market movements due to increased accessibility for investors seeking exposure to Bitcoin price fluctuations. This influx of capital through the ETF could exacerbate both upward and downward price movements in the short to medium term.

Challenges in DeFi Derivatives

DeFi derivatives, particularly options protocols, face significant hurdles related to liquidations and efficient leverage provision. Efficient liquidation mechanisms for options remain a critical, unsolved challenge due to the complexity of managing leveraged positions and cross-margining effectively.

Traits for Success at Wintermute

At Wintermute, success often correlates with a deep commitment to the role, characterized by an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to assume significant responsibility. The unique culture at Wintermute fosters an environment where individuals are encouraged to take ownership of projects, contributing to personal growth and development within the firm.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, engaging in meditative activities such as assembling and painting plastic miniatures serves as a therapeutic outlet. Additionally, participation in Dungeons and Dragons provides a balance between social interaction and strategic thinking, offering a welcome respite from the demands of the trading world.

Recommended Books

  • "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator" by Edwin Lefèvre: This classic provides timeless insights into the world of finance and trading.

  • "When Genius Failed: The Rise and Fall of Long-Term Capital Management" by Roger Lowenstein: Offers valuable lessons on risk management and the consequences of unchecked hubris in financial markets.

  • "Street Freak: A Memoir of Money and Madness" by Jared Dillian: A humorous yet insightful exploration of the life of a hedge fund trader, offering a candid glimpse into the highs and lows of the industry.

Conclusion: Navigating the Evolving Crypto Landscape

In conclusion, the crypto landscape presents a myriad of opportunities and challenges for market participants. From navigating banking crises and the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs to grappling with complexities in DeFi derivatives, success hinges on adaptability and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Traits for success in trading careers encompass embracing entrepreneurship, assuming responsibility, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. As the crypto ecosystem continues to evolve, navigating volatility and harnessing opportunities require a multifaceted approach grounded in technical acumen and strategic foresight

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