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On Tuesday, December 5th, Shawn Douglass (Amberdata), Benjamin Santos-Stephens              (ClearToken), Duncan Trenholme (TP ICAP), and Marco Kessler (SIX Digital Exchange) joined A-Team Group’s moderator Sarah Underwood to consider how digital asset markets are developing and the response of institutional investors. The panel reviewed emerging market structure, digital assets trading technologies, and solutions, and offered practical guidance on the challenges and opportunities in the institutional crypto space.


As interest in trading digital assets continues to increase among institutional investors, so too does the need to focus on market structure, regulation, and trading solutions. For financial institutions that get it right the rewards will be significant, but it is not necessarily easy and the challenges are many.

The webinar covered:

  • The state-of-play across digital assets markets
  • How institutional investors are getting involved
  • How market structure and regulation are emerging
  • Best practice approaches to trading digital assets
  • Essential technologies, tools, services and solutions
  • The benefits of getting it right, penalties of getting it wrong

Overall - the panel was very bullish looking ahead to 2024, with much focus on the increased clarity in (non-US) regulations and the expected ETF approvals in the US. This was truly an interesting session leveraging the panel’s extensive regulatory knowledge as well as their roles in building the infrastructure to support institutions in the space.

A recording of the full discussion is available HERE.

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