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At last month’s Blockworks Digital Asset Summit 2022, Amberdata Co-Founder and CEO, Shawn Douglass, participated in a panel titled "Institutional Access to DeFi." Get the 5 key takeaways, the video, and the transcript!

Panel Members Diana Biggs (Chief Strategy Officer, Valour), Martha Reyes (Head of Research, Bequant), Uddhav Marwaha (CEO & Co-Founder, Friktion Labs), Dejun Qian (Founder & CEO, Chainge Finance), Johann Bornman (Product Lead, MetaMask Institutional) spent an hour discussing trends in the institutional adoption of DeFi.

Here are the top 5 takeaways:

  1. The smartest people in traditional finance are entering DeFi to better understand and capitalize on the opportunity. 
  2. There are protocols that are offering permissioned, privileged, KYC, AML pools which allows  financial institutions to stick their toe in the water and safely get exposure to yields that they can’t get in traditional markets. 
  3. Institutional interest is everywhere in the world; it is totally global. The regulatory climate in each country, as well as the need for new banking products and alternative currencies, are driving factors in adoption.
  4. Derivatives rule the world in the traditional financial markets and we're starting to see that in DeFi. Derivatives offer a surgical way to quantify risk, to take positions, and to build structured products. 
  5. As an asset class, DeFi hasn't really been explored. There's a lot of innovation to be done to create structured products that are both transparent and capital efficient. In the future, there will be new products that will only be enabled by DeFi. This will bring a tsunami of innovation that's going to change the whole face of financial services.

Read the full transcript or watch the recording of the discussion here:


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