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As Pomp says...bang bang!

Amberdata's CEO Shawn Douglass was interviewed on The Pomp Podcast recently, in a discussion covering the basic infrastructure for digital asset data, what we're seeing after the FTX fallout, and how we gather and present our data.

Here are the top 3 takeaways from his discussion with host Anthony Pompliano (aka Pomp):

  1. The name of this podcast says it all: “This Man Can See Everything on The Blockchain”. Amberdata allows its customers to see everything that is happening across the entire crypto economy. This is more important than it ever was.
  2. Post-FTX, sophisticated players that had been on the sidelines have come back saying, “Hey, this is great time to enter. This is a great price point to enter.” Notably, their posture has moved from FOMO to “let me quantify this approach”. 
  3. What's next? Derivatives and decentralization. Sophisticated players are leveraging derivatives to better manage their risk, generate yield and create structured products. There is a clear move from centralized exchanges to decentralize exchanges and lending protocols. Investors are looking to custody their own assets and to have better transparency into the health of the place where they're doing business. 

A recording of the full discussion is available here:


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